Xiaomi Mi Band 5 In Nepal, Top Features

Xiaomi has a history of making excellent devices at a very affordable price. The same thing goes for Xiaomi's Mi band series. Like every year, Xiaomi is releasing it's well built smart wrist band that is Next-generation Mi band 5. Mi band 4 became quite popular among the public for being smart and affordable than other brands of smartwatches in the market. The successor is planned to be launched this summer with some new features and looks.

Mi Band 5 exact photo

Top features of Mi Band 5

It is rumoured that Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2 inch AMOLED screen compared to 0.95 inch AMOLED screen of last year's Mi Band 4. The new AMOLED screen will have a brighter display and more contrast than that of 2018's model. Mi band 3 and Mi band 4 has NFC (Near-field communication) but for Chinese version only. It is rumoured that Mi band 5 will have an NFC function that will be made available for the World. Even if NFC is made available for all of us, we are not quite sure if it will support other payment utilities like google pay and other payments. Rumors say that it will support plug-in charger.

Two new features, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and menstrual tracker are thought to be made available in this new version of Mi Band 5. Rumors say it will support Amazon Alexa.  This device will be the first device that can track the female menstrual cycle and work with Amazon Alexa. 

As per Tizen help On the other side of that, for fitness-focused users, there is the availability of Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) function. It is the metric which is scientifically based that turns heart rate data into a single, Individual personal score, which show users how much activity they need to stay healthy. 

Launch Date of Xiaomi Mi Band 5

June 11 2020, Xiaomi has announced that their  Mi Band next-generation Mi Band 5 will release officially in China. 

Leaked photo of Xiaomi band 5 by Tizen Help
Tizen Help leaked photo of Xiaomi Band 5

Price of Mi Band 5 in Nepal:

The price of Mi Band 5 is also rumored that it will cost around 199 yuan ($28) in China. So in Nepal after adding Shipping, Custom duty, VAT, profit and other costs in Nepali Rupees it may go around NRs 4500-5000.  

I will update it after getting more information after its launch.