CG Temple Shashwat Dham - Place to Visit in Nepal

About CG Temple:

CG Temple, CG is the short form of Chaudhary Group, and this temple was made by Chaudhary Foundation which is owned by Chaudhary Group. The name of this temple is Shashwat Dham which is the best place to visit in Nawalparasi Nepal, It is one of the most popular tourist attraction destinations of Nepal. It consists of Ekambareshwar Shiva Temple, Buddhist centre and a yoga retreat.

Shashwat Dham


Shashwat Dham is the best destination for learning Sanatan Dharma. It covers an area of over 12 verdant acres, the CG temple is a destination for explorers, spiritual seekers and nature lovers. 

    Location of CG Temple

    CG Temple (Shashwat Dham) is spiritual travel destination which is located at Devchuli, Nawalpur District of Gandaki Province Nepal. It is located inside CG Industrial Complex. Devachuli lies in Nawalpur District (Nawalparasi east of Bardaghat Susta).
    Many people have confusion about Nawalpur and Nawalparasi because of Nawalparasi was split into two districts Nawalpur District and Parasi District after the reconstruction of administrative divisions of states of Nepal.

    Entrance Gate of CG Temple, Shashwat Dham Metal gate

    So the Devchuli municipality where the CG temple is located now under the part of Nawalpur District. 

    Best Tourists' Destination of Nepal Award:

    Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, on the auspicious occasion of the 39th World tourism Day Shashwat Dham, Nawalparashi has been awarded for being Best Tourist's Destination of Nepal in the Fiscal year 2074/75. 

    Best Tourists' Destination of Nepal Award to Shahswat Dham
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    Opening Time and Entry Fees:

    • Opening Hours: 06:00am to 08:00 pm
    • Opening Days: All days of Week 
    • Entry Fee: Free of cost to visit CG temple
    • Museum entry fee: Rs 100, Rs 150 
    CG shashwat dham building

    Distance from Major Destinations of Nepal to Shahwat Dham

    • Narayanghat to Shaswat Dham Distance: 23.5 Km
    • Lumbini to Shashwat Dham (CG temple) distance: 101 Km (Via Parasi Road)
    • Pokhara to Shashwat Dham Distance: 150 Km
    • Kathmandu to CG temple distance: 175 Km

    Gallery: Pictures of Shaswat Dham:

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    Ekambareshwar Shiva Temple with Water pond

    View from front side of CG temple


    statue representing Female Cultural dance in Nepal

    horse riding by ancient king

    Here is wooden architecture of Shashwat Dham

    Hindu temple architecture


    Hindu culture belief on tying thread

    Design of CG Temple Background

    Beautiful garden

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